An Insider's Guide to NamePros

Namepros is the biggest and most popular Domain and Web Forum on the planet. It is a fantastic resource for domainers, web developers, web hosts, designers, seo specialist and anyone else connected with domains and web development. It is an essential stop in the online arsenal of many a smart webmaster.

Being a part of the community and using it for selling your services and domains is really easy as the userbase is huge and fairly varied in terms of background, geo location and financial standing. With the massive opportunity this represents and the multiple revenue streams it creates, NamePros is an essential tool for doing well for the average domainer.

Namepros is definitely the place to hit for the most informative and incisive discussions on domains and other web related issues. The conversations are really interesting, most mentally stimulating and the length and breadth of knowledge of the users is real impressive, not to mention downright hilarious at times with a bit of tongue in cheek attitude thrown in for good measure.

Discussion forums are far ranging and extremely comprehensive whether it be for domain names: Domain Name Discussion, Dot MOBI Discussion, Dot TV Discussion, Dot US Discussion, “Short” Domain Discussion, ccTLD Discussion, IDN Discussion, Parking & Traffic Monetization, Domain Appraisals, Legal Issues & Disputes, Industry News, Domain Newbies, Expired Domains, Available Domain Names.

And also for other web related topics: Web Design Discussion, Web Design Reviews, Website Development, Programming, Graphic Design / Flash, Web Hosting Discussion, Webmaster Tutorials, Search Engines.

And to top it, a lot of discussion and info is available to enable members to earn off the web: PPC / CPC / CPM Programs, Affiliate Talk, Marketing Techniques, Business Development.

There are multiple avenues to buy and sell domains at the NamePros marketplace: Domains For Sale – Fixed Price, Domains For Sale – Make Offer, Domains For Sale – Auctions, High Priced Domains, Domain Names with Traffic Stats, ccTLD Domains For Sale, IDN Domains For Sale, .MOBI Marketplace, .TV Marketplace.

If you’re looking to buy a specific type of domain there is also a “Domain Names Wanted” section where you can post your exact requirement with a price range and people send you matching domains. How easy is that?

You can also buy and sell established or turnkey websites Established Sites For Sale, Turnkey Websites For Sale.

Other sections include Web Development Wanted, Developers For Hire, Web Designs For Sale, Design Contests, Advertising & SEO Services, Scripts For Sale, Content For Sale, Link Exchange Requests, Web Hosting Offers, Web Hosting Requests, For Sale / Advertising Board.

So all in all, for anyone looking at generating revenues via the web, NamePros becomes the one stop shop that you MUST visit.

With NamePros becoming so important and relevant to companies bottomlines there is also a necessity of following the rules setup over the years for the smooth functioning of the board and to provide equality to all members. People who do not follow these rules and regulations are warned initially. If multiple warnings are ignored then the member might get a two week suspension or even an account closure depending on the severity of the offence.

The things to be really careful about :

  • No duplicate accounts – you can get banned permanently for infringing this and the staff have many ways of finding these accounts.
  • No Bad Business – Don’t post sold or place a bid if you can’t follow through on it. With 120,000 members and thousands of sales every day the staff has a real low threshold when dealing with these problems.
  • No promotion of illegal activities – Another thing that sets NP apart from all the other web boards is the instant response to promoting illegal activities, whatever they might be.

The rules are fairly easy to follow but you need to know all of them well to ensure that you dont mess your account and thus revenues via NamePros.

Its not all work though, the members have an awesome sense of humour and a great attitude which is reflected in: The Break Room, Radio NamePros, Welcome Center.

Coming this week is the Annual NamePros Party. Lots of fun events, live chat, voice chat, radio shows, great promotions and give aways and much more. Its by far the most fun you’ll have online, so if you’re not a member yet – please sign up and if you are, get ready for a PAAAARRRTTTYYY!!

10 thoughts on “An Insider's Guide to NamePros”

  1. Thanks for the great and informative post about NamePros.

    It’s a top forum for anyone wanting to learn or sell. 🙂

  2. Very well done, Samit.
    An outstanding review of our beloved NamePros. Thanks for taking the time.


  3. Even for armatures like myself who use NamePros more for learning, social networking, and web hosting/design discussions, (and occasionally the domain), it is a GREAT place to be. Great review! LOL… “tongue in cheek comments”…

  4. NamePros …. The best domain name community hands down!

    An excellent article spotlighting a jewel in the domain name industry.

    NamePros ROCKS!

  5. Nice summary of the #1 community on the web. An incredible array of members of all walks of life, a dedicated team and simply the best environment. Can’t beat that 🙂

  6. Namepros isn’t what it used to be …
    It has not only become a dumping place for crappy domains, but also for shitty people. So much bittering and toxic behavior from frustrated, pathetic immature kids who think they’re domainers but can’t sell.
    I really don’t get why if it’s not working out for them, they have to destroy everyone else’s day and mood, instead of just giving up on selling domains. I don’t get why most of the people there have to insult others, harass them, saying domains which are clearly worth over $1,000, that they are worthless and he won’t even get his registering costs back.
    And the moderators are the same, they notice the conflicts and they punish the one who gets most vocal – most likely the victim trying to defend himself after being harassed, provoked and taunted by 2-3 trolls. Afterwards, they don’t see or care who started the conflict and that it’s a toxic environment. The victim’s posts defending himself is deleted, but the aggressive harassers posts aren’t and they aren’t punished at all. It’s only natural for them to have people harassing others, they probably even laugh about it at their desk. Rednecks …
    Oh and did I mention that moderators take the side of those with VIP status? Get VIP if you wanna trash other people on a daily basis, just for fun.
    Namepros is not only a total waste of time and energy, but a danger for your well being and sanity.

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