The Top 10 Myths about Domain Investment 7

1. Just because you register a domain someone will offer you millions of dollars for it.

2. There is an ‘easy’ way to make money with domains, buy my ebook. 😀

3. Every new extension that comes out has a potential to make you a millionaire.

4. No effort is required to find out which domain is good.

5. End user sales just happen when the time is right.

6. If I buy a domain similar to an established service they will pay me big $$$ for it.

7. Earning from domain parking is as easy as buying a domain and parking it.

8. Buying more domains gives you more chances of getting a big sale.

9. If I do what a successful domainer says, I too can be successful.

10. A bad keyword in .com is better than a top shelf keyword in another extension for development.

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