Domain Investment Strategies – Part 4 of 5

Product or Service Generics are the next top domain investment strategy that I’m going to share. It’s pretty self explanatory, yet too many people get it wrong. Most don’t have a clue what a generic is, those that do don’t really want to share this with the masses as it makes it that much tougher to get the few gems that slip through the big domain companies lists. defines them as “A generic domain consists of words or common abbreviations which one finds in the dictionary and which describe in logical order a product, service, or other area of interest to internet surfers (i.e. VideoGames.___).”

Why are they relevant?
Because they’re

  • memorable
  • instantly descriptive of the product or service on offer
  • offer higher traction with ppc campaigns
  • provide greater brand recall
  • rank higher with organic seo and sem

Even a super niche would do extremely well online with an exact product or service generic and this isn’t just speculation, here’s one study that says

“We conclude that the strong performance of a generic domain name is driven by factors such as:

  • the close match between the domain name and the product searched for (irrespective of the search keywords used)
  • automatic bolding of search terms in the domain
  • the potential positive impact of the domain name on ad quality score

Marketers should consider using generic domain names for dedicated PPC search engine campaigns for specific products, services or advertising initiatives.”

So this is one strategy you can’t go wrong with, just keep in mind that your purchase price should be at reseller levels if you truly expect to profit from these.

Some additional reading that should help explain this further:

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