I prefer domains that are single, generic English language words below eight letters on the left of the dot. Other short domains like three letter and four letter acronyms or brandable domains are also acceptable. Longer domains make sense when they are an exact match of the category or market you are addressing, for example “Graphic Artist” or “Exclusive Weddings”.

There are over 300 million domains registered today, including 120 million ccTLDs and 27 million new gTLD domains. To know about the various TLDs available today:

Domain Resource Directory:

Domain names are the new intellectual property frontier. Branding is itself a complex science, now add to it thousands of possible TLDs [top level domains like .com, .net, .tv, etc] and requirements of keeping the domain logical for SEO, short enough for branding and with an ability to pass the radio test and you can understand why it’s a complex science with linguistic art thrown in for good measure.

There are millions of domain names available in the primary and secondary market. A primary market purchase is when you go to a registrar and register an available domain name. A secondary market purchase is done through marketplaces or even direct from the owner.

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