The .TV Relaunch

As you must already be aware from the recent reports, Enom and Verisign have decided to remove premium annual renewal fees on unregistered domains which they had held back for the last ten years and make them available to investors for a flat one time fee and standard renewal thereafter.

They re-classified a lot of domains previously considered premium as standard and released them without warning a few hours before any official announcement was released. There was some buzz so those with an ear to the ground were forewarned.

The average domain investor got to know via a few forum posts that one could register some domains and a few people got really lucky during this time registering names like and more.

After the official announcement another set of names was made available for registration against a one time premium fee but with standard renewal fees thereafter. A lot of great names have been registered during this period, whether this leads to stronger end user demand and adoption has to be seen. Though even today there is a fair amount of development in this extension on a global level.

Towards monetizing the remainder of the portfolio of premium names that weren’t released, they decided to organise an auction of the top premium keywords at Sedo – The .TV Auction. There are a lot of good keywords in that list and the bidding action seems to be fast and furious.

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