Has .TV finally broken through the glass ceiling?

There have been some fairly huge sales of .TV domains recently, specially in 2012, which is a positive thing in my opinion. What’s been really surprising is that not all sales are for keywords that are a traditional match for TV or television. Here is some of the sales info in case you missed it: …

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Buy a TLD

It’s been quite a while (July 2008) since I blogged about why you should ‘forget domains, buy a tld‘ but inspite of all the drama that surrounds the new extensions process at ICANN, there does seem to be a LOT of movement in this aspect. While it would cost quite a bit ($400,000+) to start …

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The .TV Relaunch

As you must already be aware from the recent reports, Enom and Verisign have decided to remove premium annual renewal fees on unregistered domains which they had held back for the last ten years and make them available to investors for a flat one time fee and standard renewal thereafter. They re-classified a lot of …

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The Great American Snowe Job

A new bill currently seeking passage in the US senate is trying to surreptitiously change the face of the domain industry and extend American ‘ownership’ on the web. You and me stand to lose any domain we own, developed, undeveloped, tm-ed, non-tm-ed, geo and generic… I kid you not. Be prepared to protect or lose …

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