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Brandable Domains v/s Generic Domains

Picked up the last three dozen posts which mentioned a company on TechCrunch (which is also a brandable) and the general trend seems to be that domains being used are mostly brandable domains, not generics.

And even where the domains are generics, the usage itself isn’t directly related to the term but it’s used in a brandable sense.

So are generic domains overrated? Well, no. If you don’t have funding or a million dollar marketing budget, you would probably be better off using a generic, since it would help you rank better for the exact term that a random brandable. Yes, it’s true, even after Penguin / Panda etc.

If you’re a funded company and plan to go the entire trademark + legal protection route, you can do it with a brandable. Though even there, a lot of companies play safe by using a made up word or term but in .com – of the 36 companies listed below, most are .com, with one each of .me / .pa / .io / .fm

Glide – Generic term, refashioned tld, used as a brandable.

Meritful – Generic term, but used as a brandable too!

Kloudless – brandable term.

Handle – Generic term, used as a brandable partially at least.

AppArchitect – Generic!

Stylit – brandable term.

BlackTag – brandable term.

Bidzy – brandable term.

KeenHome – brandable term.

Floored – Generic term, but used as a brandable!

Paidpiper – brandable term.

42 – brandable term.

GreenTape – brandable term.

OpenStreetMap – Generic!

Zenefits – brandable term.

Share Practice – Generic!

Tango Card – brandable term. – Generic term, but used as a brandable!

Spacebar – Generic term, but used as a brandable!

Magisto – brandable term.

Betaworks – brandable term.

Purchext – brandable term.

BuzzFeed – brandable term.

ProBoards – Generic!

Placester – brandable term.

Foursquare – brandable term.

State – Generic term, but used as a brandable!

Moviora – brandable term.

Uber – Generic term, but used as a brandable!

Shazam – brandable term.

Sherpa – brandable domain hack.

Soundrop – brandable term with obscure cctld.

Spotify – brandable term.

ThredUP – brandable term.

Square – brandable term.

Rambler – brandable term with obscure cctld.

What do you think of this trend?

Samit Madan is an advertising professional with almost three decades of experience. He's known as the MediaWizard due to his expertise in advertising & marketing. He currently heads MediaWiz, a leading Media Company.


  • Steve

    A lot of the domains we have sold have been brandables. Returns are better on commercially viable keyword domains though. Which ones do you prefer?

    • MediaWizard

      It is a generic if they used it to sell handles. As it is now it seems to be a mail management + crm solution, so in that sense it’s usage is brandable, even though the domain is generic.