Why WordPress?

I was answering someone’s question about how to start out on web development for a personal site, here’s my answer to that question, elaborated on below. Easiest method for a noob at web design with some experience in graphic design is Dreamweaver. Design in photoshop / illustrator, export to Dreamweaver, slide and dice, use filter …

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What makes a Domain Name Valuable

There are a lot of factors that make a domain name really valuable. Generic / Dictionary words command the highest premium. But here is a list of 10 domain appraisal parameters which are really important : 10. Search Engine Friendly : Would a search throw up the domain intrinsically. For example – if the exact …

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Namaste, Swagat, Suswagatam, Welcome, Welkom, Bienvenue, Marhaba, Willkommen, Yôkoso, Khosh âmadid, Bem-vindo, Bienvenidos, Välkommen. Multiple languages, many pronunciations, one meaning. Just like the WWW. Welcome to my blog. Am getting started soon so standby…

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