WordPress 2.5 – the coming of age of another Open Source CMS

This blog is now officially a CMS posing as a blog 🙂 Its been upgraded to WordPress 2.5, fitted out with a brand new theme and loaded up with the best plugins money can’t buy. WordPress has finally come of age, its a cms now rather than just a blog platform. Its hundreds and thousands of contributors – plugin developers, theme developers and core team make it one of the finest pieces of code you can find.

Its slick, intuitive, extensible and really powerful under the hood if you want to load it up to performance levels, yet simple enough for the newcomer to start blogging almost instantly.

It allows you to add photos, videos, audio and other media at the snap of a button on its sleek visual editor. For the geeks an option to switch seamlessly to html view is inbuilt.

So now that my blog is completely up to date and cool enough, I thought i’d share info on what’s under the hood –

Thanks for all the hard work folks, you make this fun.