The World's Biggest Domain Name Deal

Unknown to me, since I was somewhere between San Francisco and Icheon at the time, a deal went down on the 15th of May that will shape the future of the web considerably.

CBS acquired C|Net for $1.6 Billion. This deal is totally sweet if you ask a domainer, it includes domains such as TV.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Search.Com,,, MP3.Com and valuable web properties such as,, among a few hundred others.

CBS already has an online distribution network that reaches 82% of all online audiences through over 300 web properties. This acquisition will make it one of the dominant players online competing with the likes of G!, Y! and MSN. Its truly an Web 2.0 defining moment, one that augurs the advent of the mega media conglomerates, again, but much smarter this time around.

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