The newgTLDs debate – featuring Rick Schwartz & Michael Berkens!

Don’t know if you’ve been following the back and forth between Rick Schwartz & Michael Berkens about newgTLDS, but it’s been enlightening to say the least.

What I’ve done is taken a few of their quotes that made the most impact and collated them.

Read on…

Rick’s Points

So I don’t have all the answers, the consumer and the future does.

True, no one has all the answers, but an educated guess is better than a shot in the dark.

I have worked hard to look at this from all angles.

All investors do, it’s imperative before taking an investment decision.

You can see domain investors are open-minded. 75% believe they will enjoy some degree of success.

They are, no one wants to turn away a profit source.

If you are selling something and you run away from those asking the hardest questions, then you ain’t selling at all. Your job is to overcome obstacles not run and hide from them.

All sales is objection handling, anyone who tells you otherwise is pulling a fast one.

Michael’s Points

I actually agree with the results.

Yup, Rick is fair, in fact most bloggers are, even those not named specifically by MHB.

In fact the lesser known blogs have even less incentive to promote BS, advertising usually doesn’t even cover hosting costs, assuming they have ads.

If your a domainer, you are going to register a great new gTLD domain name if you can.

The operative word here is ‘great’, anything less will be an exercise in futility.

Great .com’s will go up in value, crappy domains will become worthless.

Great domains in most popular TLDs, including premium ccTLDs like .tv, .co, .in etc.

I know I’m not going to register any premium domains that carry a premium annual renewal price.

Yeah, that particular angle is DOA, at least from an investor perspective.

And even end users will have to take a call whether TCO will be lower or higher.

I think in this race choosing one side and sticking to it is probably a bad idea.

Even Rick has said he’s not averse to investing in newgTLDs provided he can get great domains which will enable him to get good ROI.

What do you think is the best way forward?

2 thoughts on “The newgTLDs debate – featuring Rick Schwartz & Michael Berkens!”

  1. I think the point is the people pitting Rick vs Mike have to look at a few things. They are both friends, and may have different ideologies with regards to the new gtlds, its not like Rick will pass on a good opportunity.

    It seems like we want to make domaining into a reality tv show, this week on GTLD Wars (Yes I own the name Samit) there are so many tv shows on my Comcast that have wars, Storage Wars, Cupcake Wars,Dig Wars etc… So maybe we can get a webseries.

    Anyway, the new gtlds cannot be painted with the same brush, some are novelty type extensions where others are business type extensions. If someone is going to market to small businesses and knows how to sell they may be able to make a decent ROI, not get rich, never approach and for $1.35 million but hopefully make some money.

    Its all about finding opportunities that go with your strengths and topics where you have passion and knowledge.

    1. That’s a nice domain Ray! Sure sounds like a TV show.

      Sure a lot of inexperienced users are going to lose a substantial amount of money buying junk just because it’s ‘new’.

      I agree that it’s about going with your strengths.

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