Basics of Building a Website

As a web solutions provider one of the most common questions we get asked is if WordPress is free, why should my website cost anything? Good point, except that WordPress only satisfies one small part of the entire set of building blocks that lead to a website being developed, getting visible and thus visited. Which … Read more

Why WordPress?

I was answering someone’s question about how to start out on web development for a personal site, here’s my answer to that question, elaborated on below.

Easiest method for a noob at web design with some experience in graphic design is Dreamweaver. Design in photoshop / illustrator, export to Dreamweaver, slide and dice, use filter to export to required file type and voila.

Why get into the custom thingie though? Tons of kick-ass templates available for as low as $10 at places. Lots of free CSS templates too – just add graphics. W3C valid XHTML and CSS is mandatory for Web 2.0 entrants. Tough call for a newbie, specially with all the hacks required for cross browser compatibility.

Best way forward – use WordPress – easy enough to use and easy enough to expand functionality. Tons of available add-ons and W3C compatible templates. Plus a real blog (not splog) creates an added sense of belonging for your visitors.

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