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Please justify your asking price!

The thing that really gets my hackles up is Sedo’s “Please justify your asking price” quote that is used extensively by lowballers and noobs who’ve probably never run a business and with this attitude probably never will run a successful one either. You are the one making the offer, if you find the asking price […]

New TLDs Shaking Up Domaining?

Don’t know if you’ve noticed but the quality of domains on auction at Domainfest, TRAFFIC and other online marketplaces has improved dramatically. On offer earlier this month were Stocks.com, Quotes.com, Alcohol.com XXX.com, Cable.com, Rate.com, Artist.com, Hamburgers.com, Koran.com, Patents.com and many more! Up at TRAFFIC are such blockbusters like UI.com, DA.com, BS.com, Lover.net, HomeSchooling.com, Mouse.com, Lifts.com […]