The demand for domains is exploding

Brilliant conversation over at DNW for those that missed it, Andrew wrote an article called “A threat to the importance of domain names” and the conversation is just fantastic. I’m going to quote a few of them here before I give you my reasoning for the title of this post. Yet, we are now inviting … Read more

College student looking for premium domain!

Sir, I am a college student and interested in starting a blog / website. One of the domains I’m interested in is ________.___ In case you’re interested in selling it fast, please let me know your best price. In case you’re not interested in selling it, please let me know as well. ______________ This is … Read more

The Law Of The Garbage Truck

Being a moderator of any major community is a pretty thankless job. You still do it coz you know that its the right thing to do. But every now and then you come across predatory people who will abuse you for doing exactly what is expected of you – keeping the order so that the … Read more