Domain Buyers Clubs – Good or Bad?

A domain buyers’ club or domain buying club or domain club in short is in essence a consortium of buyers who pool their cash to buy domains. That’s the short version. The long version is most ‘clubs’ have ‘membership fees’ and unless you sell enough to cover these fees and make a decent profit, the … Read more

The Different Types of Domainers

There are quite a few approaches to domains and domaining that domainers take. Its like the stock market or real estate market to a certain extent, everyone has their own strategy and most of them pay well for their proponents. I’ve pretty much seen most of the types and will try and enumerate them to … Read more

iPhone – A Quantum Leap in Human Technology

Steve Jobs of Apple, Inc announced the launch of the iPhone. Everyone agrees that the phone looks great, has sufficient nextgen features to make it ‘desirable’ and are ready to buy it, as soon as it is available for everyone. Jeff Ventura at Graceful Flavor has written a fabulous, analytical post on the iPhone that … Read more