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    Good Enough Tech

    Read a really interesting article in Wired regarding dumbed down low cost tech products which are quickly overshadowing their quality led siblings in terms of sales figures. Actually the Chinese figured this out a couple of decades ago, why they…

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    Average Joe on Domains

    Saw an interesting video on YouTube featuring Howard Neu (thx Pred) asking average everyday people about domains. Take a look: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBZ9OXDsvRw[/youtube]

  • Domain Names

    The Top 10 Myths about Domain Investment

    1. Just because you register a domain someone will offer you millions of dollars for it. 2. There is an ‘easy’ way to make money with domains, buy my ebook. 😀 3. Every new extension that comes out has a…

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    Domaining is not cybersquatting!

    I read an article in a major newspaper a few days back – the new form of cybersquatting – domaining. Hogwash! Its as much a legal business, if done right, as any other business. While booking someone’s name or brand…