The demand for domains is exploding

Brilliant conversation over at DNW for those that missed it, Andrew wrote an article called “A threat to the importance of domain names” and the conversation is just fantastic. I’m going to quote a few of them here before I give you my reasoning for the title of this post. Yet, we are now inviting … Read more

The newgTLDs debate – featuring Rick Schwartz & Michael Berkens!

Don’t know if you’ve been following the back and forth between Rick Schwartz & Michael Berkens about newgTLDS, but it’s been enlightening to say the least. What I’ve done is taken a few of their quotes that made the most impact and collated them. Read on… Rick’s Points So I don’t have all the … Read more

The Next Step in Domain Names! New gTLDs explained. [Infographic]

Big changes to domain names are coming very soon. These new changes will open up a great abundance of online marketing and domain registration opportunities for small and medium size businesses. With so many domain names being registered every day, it’s getting harder to register your preferred domain name. Research shows that there has been … Read more

A complete guide to newgTLD stats

Blacknight Solutions has launched a fantastic new site on that crunches the numbers on newgTLDs for the rest of us. It provides some excellent data and a information which makes it an ideal location for anyone wanting to learn about newgTLDs and/or the antecedents of the applicants. Data sets include newgTLD applications: By Region … Read more

The top 230 newgTLD applications!

They say money talks and if that were taken as a given, then these 230 strings would account for 38.92% of the entire amount spent applying for strings in ICANNs newgTLDs initiative. APP 13 HOME 11 INC 11 ART 10 BLOG 9 SHOP 9 BOOK 9 LLC 9 DESIGN 8 MUSIC 8 MOVIE 8 LOVE … Read more

Good Enough Tech

Read a really interesting article in Wired regarding dumbed down low cost tech products which are quickly overshadowing their quality led siblings in terms of sales figures. Actually the Chinese figured this out a couple of decades ago, why they are pretty much at the forefront of anything that requires mass manufacturing. This has also … Read more