The top 230 newgTLD applications!

They say money talks and if that were taken as a given, then these 230 strings would account for 38.92% of the entire amount spent applying for strings in ICANNs newgTLDs initiative. APP 13 HOME 11 INC 11 ART 10 BLOG 9 SHOP 9 BOOK 9 LLC 9 DESIGN 8 MUSIC 8 MOVIE 8 LOVE … Read more

Matt Cutts validates my view of newgTLDs and SEO!

All the recent propaganda one heard about how .com and other existing TLDs will be doomed in terms of SEO due to the emergence of newgTLDs has been proved to be just that, propaganda. Matt Cutts has this to say earlier today: “don’t expect a new TLD to get any kind of initial preference over … Read more