Pet Peeves of Domaining

In no particular order:

Please justify your asking price!

– Lowballers Galore ($100 for 50-200 domains, tyvm)

– Self professed ‘top domainers’ selling spades to noobs.

– Insider deals / not a level playing field.

– People charging you to aggregate your content!

– People quoting automated appraisals.

– Domains that don’t make sense selling for $xx,xxx or more!

– Domain drop monetization via auctions by registrars.

– Domain warehousing by registrars.

– Shill bidding in general, of crappy IDNs in particular.

– Parking paying pennies on the dollar.

– Did I mention, lowballers galore!

What are yours?

7 thoughts on “Pet Peeves of Domaining”

  1. Sadly domainers are the one’s who’re doing it to themselves these days by not researching enough or developing these products and not realising overheads or how little big publishers pay you for advertisements.

    Sadly, anything short of setting up your own ad network, we’ll keep getting screwed. Yahoo parking feeds gave people bright eyes for about 18 months and then the dream burst. Now they’re slowly going bust. If only they realised they’d have little competition if they didn’t screw their customers over rates.

  2. Mine is the fake offers that people claim they get on dnf just so they can try and pump the sale price.

  3. Rethinking my idea, amazon should start up their own publishing network. They know more about our habits and buying patterns than facebook / etc dream of knowing.

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