It's a value judgement, not a divided industry

Morgan says we’re “An industry divided” and to be fair, newgTLDs have really raised the verbal spats to a level never before seen in this industry.

But I don’t agree that it is divided, it’s not that simple.

I’d prefer a premium domain in any extension than an also ran keyword set in .com

But that doesn’t mean I’m pro newgTLDs either.

Bear with me while I state my views…

I am not against newgTLDs, nor a part of the .com only brigade.

In fact I’ve been at the forefront of using alternative TLDs (ccTLDs etc) as brands.

What I have found in my years of brand development experience is that there are two types of brands:

1. Those that you ‘have to have’ to take your business to the next level.

2. Those that you ‘could also use’ – a ‘first among equals’ scenario.

And what I’ve also learnt is when this is translated to the internet in terms of domain values, the difference in value isn’t a percentage, it’s a factor.

If a Type 2 brand is worth three or four figures, a Type 1 brand can easily be six figures or at least high five figures.

And just as you can’t get a Type 1 brand in older TLDs (.com / cctlds) the aftermarket for a cheap price, you can’t get one in newgTLDs for a cheap price.

Which brings it down to a value proposition.

If you have $10k to invest, what would you invest it in?

An established extension that allows you instant gratification in terms of development or liquidity if your development doesn’t work.

Or a newgTLD where the upside might make itself apparent in five to ten years?! And you have no way of knowing how long before the search engines actually start treating them on par with existing tlds.

For me, the choice is simple.

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