Google to take on Online Scammers

Well, not all, but just the ones who use their brand to promote ‘google money’ etc.

“Use Google to Make 1000s of Dollars!” or “Easy Cash with Google: You Could be Making up to $978 a Day Working from Home!” You may have seen offers like these using Google’s name or logo that sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, nearly all of them are, and, despite hundreds of consumer complaints and our own efforts to keep these sites from tricking people, some scams continue. To fight back, we’re working to stop various fraudulent “Google Money” schemes, and this week filed suit against Pacific WebWorks and several other unnamed defendants.

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There are just too many scammers and scum on the web preying on innocent surfers and people who just don’t know better. I’m sure a huge percentage of all internet sales are shady, to put it mildly. Glad goog is finally getting behind it.