Domain names are still important

Domain names are more important than ever and here’s why…

The info clutter online has reached a mind numbing cacophony. Sometimes it feels that there are more websites online than people. But that’s not true, yet.

Additionally, filter bubbles abound, thus ensuring that your message needs a much higher circulation to gain critical mass before going viral, if at all.

Decisions on which search result to click are usually taken in seconds and there is only one differentiator aside search ranking and that is the domain name of the website.

You can spend millions on social media, seo & sem, but at the end of the day does your domain name convey a desire to see? Or is it

And breaking through the clutter quickly without blowing your entire annual marketing budget on an ad blitz requires that people remember your domain name and are able to convey it through word of mouth, without confusion.

A great domain allows you to target a users focus zone and thus of engendering a new user interaction which could eventually turn into a revenue source for your website.

It can also allow for easier recall when content is being discussed. For example this is the MediaWizard’s blog and is situated on a short four letter .com, even a kid in the 5th grade will be able to remember it and recall, though not sure if the content would incite them to!

In addition, generic domain names allow for a higher degree of onsite SEO & offsite clicks due to the exact match nature of the keywords in it. This allows for tremendous cost saving in search marketing. After all, why would you pay $10/click when you can get your domain name on the first page by virtue of being an exact or close match and drive at least 35% of the traffic to your site for free!

A good domain is probably the best investment you can make for your business, get one today!

6 thoughts on “Domain names are still important”

  1. The filter bubbles video was really interesting, made me wonder if I’m only seeing what the big sites want me to see. Thank you!

  2. A good domain is important, but I prefer using made up words instead of domains that cost thousand of dollars. Even this blog uses a made up domain!

    1. They each have their place in the scheme of things. If I was selling a specific product or service, I might have used a generic, it all depends on the amount of cash you’re looking to spend.

  3. Made up words might be used by some of the biggest sites but exact match domains drive traffic for smaller publishers.

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