College student looking for premium domain!


I am a college student and interested in starting a blog / website.

One of the domains I’m interested in is ________.___

In case you’re interested in selling it fast, please let me know your best price.

In case you’re not interested in selling it, please let me know as well.


This is the standard boilerplate email offer we get on premium domains.

Some even have the gall to offer $10 for the domain instead of asking us to quote.

Not going to happen.

I don’t care if you’re a student or not, a domain is worth what a domain is worth, it’s not a public transport ticket that you’d get a % off with a student pass.

And even there it’s a % off, you won’t get a flight ticket that normally costs $2k for $10, even with a student pass.

The funny bit is, usually the name is correct and when you combine that with the email ID you get the mail from, it’s usually pretty easy to discover the real identity of the person.

And the person usually works for a mega corporation or a big company.

So you want to play games huh?

Well, it’s going to cost you a lot more now that we know a big company is interested in it and playing games behind anon. email IDs to try and get it cheap.

C’est la vie!

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