Charlie Sheen – Madman or Marketing Genius?

Like it or hate it, one thing you have to say about media coverage of Charlie Sheen is that he’s the one bringing it on himself. He’s taken the entire world’s media by the nuts and turned their attention on himself, on purpose.

And now he’s having fun with it, flexing his new media muscle as it were – two million twitter followers in less than a week, a million video views on ustream on the first day and he’s just getting started it seems.

Problem is when a star burns bright, it’s also burning out at the same time. Maybe he won’t and he’ll continue well into the night, but you know what attention spans are like currently.

How many people will continue following this ongoing media frenzy for any length of time? And for crying out aloud will someone please also explain why???

On a related note and more in keeping with this blog’s theme – domains, it seems the morons have come out in full force, just about any charlie sheen domain has been registered, over a 1000 it seems.

These are the people who give regular domain investors a bad name. Don’t they understand that he owns the rights to his name, if the domain ever gets enough traction he can take it away so you lose either way. What a bunch of jokers.