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Would you like your cell phone to help you climb Everest?

I don’t. What I want in my mobile phone: 1. Perfect network coverage – It should work everywhere, from the basement to the highest tower. From the most remote place with cell coverage to places that don’t have any via satellite. 2. Clarity – It needs to be crystal clear, meaning the person on the […]

Portrait of China’s Online Shoppers

242 Million Chinese consumers in 2013 are expected to spend $265 Billion shopping online, surpassing all other countries including the world’s current largest online retail market, the U.S. 60% have an income less than $320 per month but $1054 is the average spend per online shopper! And only 40% of the population is online as […]

Why I think Microsoft underpaid for Skype

You’ve probably already heard about the purchase of Skype by Microsoft for $8.5 Billion. Most people, or at least the vocal majority, will tell you how they overpaid, with TechCrunch readers telling you how they ‘overpaid by half’ and how they should have paid only $4 Billion. Not like they can justify that number either, […]