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The Next Step in Domain Names! New gTLDs explained. [Infographic]

Big changes to domain names are coming very soon. These new changes will open up a great abundance of online marketing and domain registration opportunities for small and medium size businesses. With so many domain names being registered every day, it’s getting harder to register your preferred domain name. Research shows that there has been […]

Domain names are still important

Domain names are more important than ever and here’s why… The info clutter online has reached a mind numbing cacophony. Sometimes it feels that there are more websites online than people. But that’s not true, yet. Additionally, filter bubbles abound, thus ensuring that your message needs a much higher circulation to gain critical mass before […]

Frank Schilling's Lobster Takeaway!

Frank wrote a post called Lobster! (yeah, really!) in which he announced the advancement of the Domain Name Sales platform. I’m not going to discuss the DNS advancement here, though I do hope that when Frank says “What if that platform completely decentralized the industry and allowed anyone to act as a broker and sell […]